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ml+ presents its accelerator

ml+ is a leader in applied artificial intelligence helping companies gain an advantage in a competitive market by increasing productivity and maximizing profits. Their newest venture, the accelerator, aims to help the rapid integration of artificial intelligence into small and medium-sized businesses by offering them the development of a very affordable AI product.

The companies, Biotonix and Neurodezign, have recently combined their expertise in order to offer the most complete service to their customers. In fact, the two companies are working together to solve musculoskeletal problems and various cognitive and emotional disorders in order to optimize user performance. This is a virtual support for the global health of users that will be offered mainly within companies.

With this in mind, ml+ was approached by these two companies to integrate AI into some of the processes already in place at customers' premises. This step is essential to the development of a partnership between the two entities since the ultimate desire is to create an application that will allow users to self-assess and optimize their physical, emotional and cognitive abilities according to their personality and preference without having to travel to the clinic.

Dr. Lévesque, PhD, BCN, neuropsychologist and founder of Neurodezign and Dr. M. Guimond, D.O., doctor of sports psychology and osteopath, founder of Biotonix, share their experience and explain why they chose ml+ to integrate AI into their companies:

"We first chose ml+ because of the individuals who make up their team: authentic people with a deep understanding of the issues related to artificial intelligence. We were also impressed by their ability to deliver the requested products quickly and by the simplicity of the exchanges and agreements with them. In addition, the fact that ml+'s founding members are in healthcare and Life Sciences is definitely an asset for us who have a project in this field. Our partnership with ml+ will allow us to offer a unique and innovative product in healthcare."

ml+ 's mission is to offer AI solutions adapted to SMBs regardless of their level of technological maturity. ml+ offers a full spectrum of services, including advisory, workshops, product development and startup acceleration. By making AI accessible to SMBs, they will benefit from the latest advances in the field to increase their efficiency and profitability.

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